In recognition of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), which has been celebrated for 25 years, my Facebook site (Adult Health ARNP, BC) and my blog site ( would like to remind readers of the NBCAM mission which is to increase awareness, to educate and to empower women when it comes to Breast Cancer.

The Adult Health ARNP, BC mission and responsibility is to also educate via health promotion and primary prevention.  Thus, with the end of October coming and the closure of the NBCAM, I would like to suggest a campaign/intervention called, Women’s Intervention Day(WID). The idea for this campaign/intervention “day” is for women to pick any day of the month and focus exclusively on their and their love ones’ self breast awareness measures.

For example, Adult Health ARNP, BC would like mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and/or care takers of young adolescent/teenage girls to pick a day which can be utilized to increase and/or reinforce self-breast awareness of adolescent/teenage girls and yourself.  If you initiate your WID on the 5th of January, then you should continue your WID campaign on the 5th of each subsequent month.

Breast Cancer Self awareness is key to primary prevention.  Early detection of cancer without lymph nodal involvement results in a 99% cure rate.  Researchers suggest that medical providers encourage self-breast awareness of women starting in the 20’s for those at high risk.  Adult Health ARNP, BC wants to stress this guideline by stressing early proactiveness and by utilizing additional lifestyle measures for yourself and the young adolescent/teenage girl.  In addition to you personally gaining insight these awareness sessions will also benefit the young ladies by improving their understanding and by helping them become more comfortable with their bodies before reaching the second decade of life.

Communication with the adolescent/teenager is extremely important, but many of the typical changes that occur during adolescence tend to interfere with the effectiveness and amount of interaction between the parent and child or adult and the adolescent.

Communicating with a teenager can be a daunting task, but Adult Health ARNP, BC wants to stress the need to begin your discussions with your adolescent/teenage daughter, niece, cousin, or young lady in your life…NOW!  It is never too late!

  • Determine your Time, Place, and Activity

Although some say the most effective communications take place is where there are minimal diversions, you should decide the best place.  However, if the typical quite bedroom or alone time in the car is not conducive for you and yours, then who is to say that the crowded mall or roller skating ring is inappropriate.

As long as you have made the effective verbal connection consider your WID a successful session for that given month.   Also, at the end and/or during your WID try to celebrate this day of bonding with your adolescent by possibly purchasing an undergarment(s), ice cream, a new hairpiece accessory, or by simply having some sort of girly activity.  The point here is that Adult Health ARNP, BC wants readers to establish their WID…thus providing and becoming a positive forum for themselves and their love ones.

  • What gets measured will get done

Track it/ record it, not necessarily by pen/pencil and paper unless needed.  But, when you have your WID in the following month.  There may be follow-ups from your previous WID sessions that require more discussions or other actions.