SB 323 (Hernandez and Eggman)

Support SB 323 photoFull Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners

Purpose – Senate Bill 323 will allow California’s approximately 22,000 Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to practice to the full extent of their education and training. This new law would ensure access to the health care delivery system and help the millions of Californians who now have access to coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Increased coverage and quality care will also save California money over the long run.

SB 323 will grant NPs full practice authority, under a specified scope of practice, if he or she has national certification and liability insurance. Specifically, this bill:
1) Permits a NP to practice without physician supervision if the NP is certified by a national certifying body, maintains professional liability insurance that is appropriate for his or her practice setting, and is practicing in one of the following settings:
  • An accountable care organization, as specified; or,
  • A group practice, a medical group, or an independent practice association.
  • A clinic, health facility, or county medical facility;

2) Specifies the scope of practice for NPs. Specifically, permits and independent NP, in the listed above, to perform services that are widely agreed to be the extent of services that NP perform today.

3) Requires a NP to refer a patient to a physician and surgeon or another licensed health care provider if a situation or condition of the patient is beyond the NP’s education or training. 

4) Requires these NPs to have medical malpractice insurance
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