Empowering The Next Generation

Rho Psi Eta Flyer

November 2017 | Moore On Health had a great opportunity to represent the Nurse Practitioner profession at UC Santa Barbara Rho Psi Eta Pre-Health Academic Sorority 2017 Panel discussion.  The panel was great mix of female medical providers that consisted of two physicians (an emergency department physician and a Professor), a Psychologist, Physician Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner. The stage

We were asked to share our stories about why we choose our profession, how we navigated through college, described a typical work day and what the next generation could do to strengthen our healthcare system as well as eliminate the unnecessary barriers involving patient care. Some funny shared


It was a refreshing opportunity to empower, share and advise our future health care leaders. Group PhotoPanelist

Left to Right
Dr. Meridith Merchant PhD Psychologist, Charlotte A. Gullap-Moore MSN, ANP-BC Nurse Practitioner, Kelly Guerra PA-C, Dr. Debbie Weinstein and Dr. Simin Terabzadeh. 

Thank you – Rho Psi Eta Pre-Health Academic Sorority  for the 2017 Health Panel discussion at UC Santa Barbara

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