Moore On Health™

Moore On Health™ mission is to deliver personalized high quality healthcare services, provide evidenced-based health promotion, primary care, disease, medical and chronic pain practice management for the adult / geriatric patient population. Moore On Health™ also facilitates Healthcare Policy Advocacy, ADEI in Nursing Consulting, and Health & Wellness discussion presentations..

Moore On Health™ believes in educating and empowering the community at large on how to make healthier lifestyle choices as well as advocate for those with limited medical care. 

Services including, (but not limited to):

* Adult Nurse Practitioner – Independent Contractor

* ADEI in Nursing and Health / Wellness Discussion Forums or Presentations

*Mentorship for NP and RN Students

*Nursing Entrepreneur Consultation


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  1. Very good tool! As a Health Care Executive, it’s very important to have a consolidated resource that provides relevant, credible information as well as a platform for discussion & dialogue around critical health issues. Great job!

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