April 2019 – Finding Your Seat At The Table: Influencing Public Policy presented by Santa Barbara Women Political Committee

November 2019 – As we enter the holiday season I cannot stop thinking about the upcoming 2020 primary elections. I am hoping that more women will enter a race and successfully gain NOT ONLY A SEAT but an achievable and sustainable space that will benefit our present, tomorrow and future. Women face a myriad of barriers in the private and non-profit sectors. Black women espeicially face resistance, discrimination, social stereotypes, and double standards – so how do we address this and move forward? Women are the change agents and we don’t need permission to run for public office, appointed commissions and/or executive board positions. I am encouraging for more women to step up and step out from your comfort silos and stop adhering to the rigid environment that stifles your ability to grow and change the landscape called the NORM.

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On February 3-5 – Moore On Health had the pleasure to join over 300 other Nurse Practitioners in Washington D.C at the 2019 AANP Health Policy Conference. During the conference we heard from policy and legislative strategy experts on issues limiting access to care. Every day, we should be working to create positive changes to the health care system, eradicating antiquated regulatory process and increasing direct access to care for the community at large.

Presently our federal legislative policy priorities are:

  • Authorize NPs to Certify Patient Eligibility for Medicare and Medicare Home Health Services
  • Authorize the assignment of NP patients to Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Ensure Patients with Diabetes Have Timely Access to Therapeutic Shoes
  • Authorize NPs to Certify Medicare Patients for Hospice Care
  • Authorize NPs to Perform Admitting Examinations and All Required Patients Assessments in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

AANP supports legislation and regulatory changes which removes barriers to practice so that NPs can practice to their full scope, ensuring that patients have access to these much needed high quality, cost effective, health care services. NPs are a critical part of the solution to our nation’s health care needs.

Question: How are our advocating to strength the NP profession and increases full and direct access to care?

If you did not attend the 2019 AANP Health Policy Conference you can still participate and help eradicate antiquated process that creates barriers to practice.

  • Ask your Senators to cosponsor Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act (S. 296) – Click HERE
  • Ask your Members of Congress cosponsor S. 237/H.R. 808 which would authorize nurse practitioners (NPs) to certify their patient’s need for therapeutic shoes. – Click HERE
  • Encourage Members of Congress to Cosponsor H.R. 900 to Allow NP Patients to be Counted in ACOs – Click HERE

As nurse leaders, NPs must be involved in health policy. The NPs who advocate for major health policies can influence countless people throughout their state and the nation, depending on the level of the health policy.

Involvement in health policy is the most important role an NP can have in impacting positive change in health care that will benefit multiple generations of patients across institutions, states, the nation, and even globally.

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Moore On Health mission is to deliver personalized high quality, evidence based practice healthcare services and medical management with the greatest availability. Moore On Health is owned by Charlotte A. Gullap-Moore MSN, ANP-BC an Adult Health Nurse Practitioner and was created in 2010 with the goal of partnering with physicians to provide collaborative services involving primary, secondary and tertiary medical coverage along with facilitating Health and Wellness discussion forums. 

Moore On Health contracts with physicians seeking assistance with their patient load or physicians wanting to provide concierge medical services. Moore On Health delivers primary healthcare for patients in long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, make house calls and facilitate health and wellness discussion forums.

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