It’s More Than Having a Seat at The Table

April 2019 – Finding Your Seat At The Table: Influencing Public Policy presented by Santa Barbara Women Political Committee

November 2019 – As we enter the holiday season I cannot stop thinking about the upcoming 2020 primary elections. I am hoping that more women will enter a race and successfully gain NOT ONLY A SEAT but an achievable and sustainable space that will benefit our present, tomorrow and future. Women face a myriad of barriers in the private and non-profit sectors. Black women espeicially face resistance, discrimination, social stereotypes, and double standards – so how do we address this and move forward? Women are the change agents and we don’t need permission to run for public office, appointed commissions and/or executive board positions. I am encouraging for more women to step up and step out from your comfort silos and stop adhering to the rigid environment that stifles your ability to grow and change the landscape called the NORM.

#NursePractitioner #HealthcareAdvocate #HealthcareLeaders #AKA #LinksInc #SBWPC #CANPsLead #MooreOnHealth #Feminism 

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