Nurse Practitioners Advocating in California

18301215_1179287452194615_3412082466091868286_nOn May 8, 2017 Moore On Health attended the California Association for Nurse Practitioners Lobby Day. There were over 100 nurse practitioners, representing various districts across California, met at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento for a morning program reviewing and discussing various legislative bills such as;

  •  Assembly Bill 1560 (Friedman), sponsored by CANP, which would increase the number of NPs a physician is permitted to supervise from 4 to 18. This bill would expand the ability for NPs to work in multiple settings, often in medically underserved areas and clinic systems that may only have one MD working as a medical director but multiple physical locations providing patient care.
  • Senate Bill 554 (Stone), which would codify recent federal law that allows allow NPs and PAs to receive a waiver from the DEA and the authority to prescribe medication for opioid addiction treatment.
  • Assembly Bill 1368 (Calderon), which would authorize a physician to designate a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to sign any required authorization form for Medi-Cal benefits and services.

18300981_1179459048844122_7909605236250403165_nThe morning program also included the announcement of Assembly Member Susan Talamantes Eggman as the recipient of CANP’s 2016 Nurse Practitioner Advocate of the Year award. Following the presentation, attendees made their way to the Capitol to take part in scheduled meetings with members of the Senate and Assembly.


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